Area Man's Superpower Is Eating Chipotle For 500 Days Straight

An Ohio man named Bruce Wayne—oh sure it is—has decided to end his streak of eating at his local Chipotle daily after doing so for 500 consecutive days.

We could be snarky and cynical and say Wayne's superpower is his blindness to variety, but you know what? Good for him. He told local TV station WNWO that Chipotle aligns with his diet and that he wanted to break the chain's record of eating there for 425 straight days. Wayne broke that record on Dec. 30, 2017 and continued through last Wednesday—a streak he documented through his Instagram account.

And also, Wayne dresses up as Batman for charity appearances and takes care of mentally disabled adults. He seems to be doing more good for this world than any of us keyboard ninjas have, and for that, we raise a burrito in your general direction.