Arby's Will Debut Sous Vide Duck Sandwich—to Locations Near Ducks

Credit where credit is due: Arby's in recent years has turned to sandwiches with "exotic-to-Americans" meats, not because it's popular to the masses, but because they have the meats and couldn't give two shits if you object. Who would roll out a venison sandwich nationwide, much less an elk sandwich? What's next? A Rocky Mountain Oyster sandwich? Because Arby's sure has balls.

Now comes news that Arby's will start serving a seared duck sandwich starting this Saturday, Oct. 20. According to a press release, the duck breast is cooked sous vide (!!!), with crispy onions and a smoked cherry sauce. Here's the asterisk: It's available only in 16 locations, at Arby's "within markets in the four 'waterfowl migration flyways' across the country (Atlantic, Central, Mississippi and Pacific)." If you're in a town like Chico, California, or Happy Valley, Oregon, or Kalispell, Montana, where supposedly duck hunting is a thing, you're in luck!

If you're in Chicago, Illinois, where Canadian geese enjoy crapping on my car, the Arby's duck sandwich will have to wait another day.