Arby's Is Making Sure We All Have A #HotBeefSummer With Its New Swimwear Line

The Beefy Aloha collection looks like it would make a great gift for the stylish beef enthusiast in your life.

Things look pretty bad for the world right now, but when I find myself getting sad about wildfires, coronavirus, or whatever outrageousness the universe has decided to throw at us, I try to focus on all the ways I've seen the world change for the better. Take, for example, pool parties. When I was a skittish 13-year-old, I always covered up my Stüssy one-piece with boxer shorts and an oversized T-shirt. Now, though, in 2021, teens can confidently walk into any pool party with swimwear that celebrates their passion for Arby's. Welcome to Hot Beef Summer.

Yes, the Arby's Beefy Aloha collection, as it is actually named, is here to finally allow people of all ages to rep their love of roast beef sandwiches in style. I am being 100% serious about this: if Arby's had come up with this sort of thing in the mid-'90s, I would have been strolling up and down the Coney Island boardwalk decked out head-to-toe in meat-bedecked swimming apparel, even though I didn't live anywhere close to an Arby's. (I suppose I could do all that stylish strolling now, but my kids would probably steal the swag from my drawers.)

In addition to an inspired one-piece swimsuit, Arby's has emblazoned trunks, flip-flops, bucket hats, and shirts with a bold palm-frond-and-roast-beef print. If your style is more bacon than beef, let everyone else at the pool know all about it with "Body by Bacon" swim trunks and a matching beach towel. and maybe try to spread some body-positive goodwill with a striking "Sun's Out Buns Out" tank.

Don't forget: even if you are out there with your buns out—and more power to you if you are—your peepers should stay protected behind some sunglasses. Arby's electric orange wraparound shades will keep those pesky UV rays out of your eyeballs. You'll want to keep your vision in tip-top shape so you can check out how good you look in the mirror.