Arby's Will Never Settle For A Ramrod-Straight French Fry

In a fast food landscape where french fry discourse is paramount, I am always surprised that more love isn't thrown to Arby's curly fries. The flavorful seasoning and the level of doneness on these fries is unmatched, and their shape is a feat of engineering in itself. My only guess is that people sleep on these fries because to order them would mean... going to Arby's. And most people are unwilling to make that call. (Not me! I love Arby's! Stop yelling!)

Now, though, curly isn't the only nonconventional fry shape in the Arby's arsenal. In an email to The Takeout, the chain has confirmed that after initial testing in select markets last year, crinkle-cut fries are now available at locations nationwide.

First, let us allay your (my) fears: these fries are in addition to the curly fries, not in place of them. And the company confirms that the new fries will be a permanent menu item, so there's no need to worry if you start getting attached to them—a skittishness that has been hammered into us all by one too many delicious limited-time offers that seem to disappear overnight. As fry aficionados know, the crinkle-cut shape holds salt and oil differently—better!—than other spuds. Arby's knows this too, boasting that the new menu item features "accordion-style grooves for maximum crispiness, lightly seasoned with fine kosher salt."

Through April, you can pick up these crinkle fries for just $1. If you grab some, let us know what you think—and we're admittedly pretty intrigued by the return of the Spicy Greek Gyro, too, so you might as well make it a full combo meal, you know?