There Is Nothing Petite About Arby's "Petite Filet" Steak Sandwich

Arby's continues to live up to its promise of having, above all else, The Meats: The roast beef restaurant chain has debuted a limited-edition pair of sandwiches made with petite filet steak, which according to an Arby's spokesperson is "the second most tender cut of beef on the entire cow" after filet mignon. This fancy protein will be served as a Garlic Butter Steak Sandwich and as a Steak & Bacon Melt, with the thick cuts of meat served medium (i.e., with a warm pink center). And the cost of the sandwiches will vary by location—market price, just like at the fanciest steakhouse in town!

This is the latest in a string of more gourmet Arby's offerings, including sous vide duck and the arguably fancy marrot. Perhaps white tablecloths and pepper-grinding drive-thru attendants will be the next innovations over the horizon.