Apple Will Add Cream Cheese To Previously Pathetic Bagel Emoji

There are just so many things to get in an uproar about these days aren't there? Climate change, gun control, the upcoming midterm elections, and oh, yeah, emojis that don't even officially exist yet.

The Emojipedia blog reveals that after the early version of the new bagel emoji in October 2016 (in iOS 12.1 beta 2), fierce protests erupted over the bagel's bland, shiny, cream-cheese-less ness. Those online villagers can now put down their pitchforks: The emoji has since been fluffed up a bit, and its most famous condiment has been added. Emojipedia notes that previous Apple emoji updates have included rearranging the location of cheese in a well-dressed hamburger, and updating the paella emoji to have a more authentic set of ingredients. The final release of iOS 12. is scheduled for before the end of the year, so bagel-lovers will soon be able to freely emoji at will.

Look how happy these guys are:

In other news, the white wine emoji was finally released last month! Guess we'll just have to look really hard to find something else to get fired up about.