Louisiana College To Offer Anthony Bourdain Film And Literature Class

If you thought the biology department's Intro To Human Sexuality was going to be the most popular course at Nicholls State University next year, you may need to rethink that. Professor Todd Kennedy, head of the film department at the university based in Thibodaux, Louisiana, tweeted the announcement that his school will offer a multidisciplinary film-literature class called "Anthony Bourdain And His Influencers."

Kennedy will teach the class in the spring 2019 semester, and will cover Bourdain's "profound influence" on food and travel writing, as well as his shows' signature style, which Kennedy calls "among the most 'filmic' in the history of the small screen." The class will also involve readings of the literary and pop culture works that influenced Bourdain, "connecting ways of understanding the world around us through the lens of a transformative writer and public figure."

This class—which Kennedy says he doubts the school will let him teach again—is just another credit to Bourdain's enduring legacy, and may represent the first time in history that all students actually complete a course's required reading.