Divorcing Couple Fights Over French Winery, As You Do

Angelina Jolie recently accused Brad Pitt of blocking the sale of Château Miraval, the French castle and winery the ex-couple shared.

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when French wine castles are involved. Case in point: Angelina Jolie reportedly wants to sell Château Miraval, the French castle and winery she shared with ex-husband Brad Pitt. However, Jolie claims, Pitt is trying to prevent the sale.

Us Weekly reports that Jolie filed a petition on Tuesday, July 6, asking a judge to remove the automatic temporary restraining order (ATRO) on her divorce from Pitt. The ATRO is apparently a common order that prevents either party from making major financial decisions that would hurt the other during inflammatory divorce proceedings.

Us Weekly reportedly obtained court documents in which Jolie's lawyers claim that the actress has found a buyer for Château Miraval, but she can't make the sale until Pitt consents to lifting the ATRO. "After all these years of trying to extricate herself from being business partners with her ex-husband on acceptable financial terms, Ms. Jolie is extremely desirous of closing the pending agreement for the sale of Nouvel, LLC, and requests that the Court issue an order lifting the ATROs and specifying that they shall not apply to Ms. Jolie's sale of Nouvel, LLC," read a statement filed by Jolie's attorney. Ah, love and its many splendors!

The actress' legal team is now claiming that Jolie purchased Château Miraval purchased before Brangelina tied the knot in 2014. Jolie's legal team has requested a hearing for September 22 in an attempt to get a judge to lift the ATRO.

The debacle reminds me a lot of the time a junior high boyfriend and I fought over a mega box of fruit snacks that we used to share during midday locker rendezvous. I ended up hiding the snacks in the choir room, and never heard from the dude again. Has Jolie considered hiding her French winery in the choir room? Seems like an obvious solution.