The Amish Horse-And-Buggy DUI, Explained

Perhaps you've seen the headlines this week. "2 Amish men escape police after being pulled over for DUI in buggy"—please note the subheadline, which reads: "Horse also fled the scene." You have questions. We have questions. Let's sort this out.


Q: Can you get a DUI for driving a buggy?

A: Yes. The chief deputy from Ohio's Trumbull County Sheriff's Office told CNN affiliate WJW that DUI laws still apply to a horse-drawn buggy, which is legally considered a vehicle.

Q: How bad was the men's buggy-driving that an officer knew to pull them over?

A: It wasn't a swerving buggy that tipped off the cops; WKBN reports police spotted two men drinking alcohol on the back of a buggy, which was outfitted with a stereo system. The 12-pack of Michelob Ultra atop the buggy was likely also a clue.

Q: Was the horse under the influence?

A: That detail remains unknown at this time.

Q: Okay so then what happened?

A: The two men reportedly fled into the woods as police approached. The horse is now in the care of a nearby resident until its owners come forward.


Q: Were these guys really Amish?

A: News reports have identified them as Amish, but we won't truly know until they come forward to face charges—and claim their horse.