America's Favorite Thanksgiving Stuffings In Every State

According to Google Trends, there are more types of Thanksgiving stuffing than we thought possible.

It's always fun to mix it up on Thanksgiving. Instead of traditional sides, why not make pies instead? If you don't want to get too full, you can always commit to snacks. Heck, you don't even have to cook at all—there are plenty of reasons to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal out at a restaurant. And even if you stick to the traditional fare, there are still ways to make those dishes your own. Just take a look at all the different ways people across the country are putting a twist on stuffing.

The most popular Thanksgiving stuffing, state by state

These Thanksgiving trends from Google show what people in each state have been searching for this holiday season. While a Google search isn't always the best metric for what people are actually cooking or consuming, in this case we can give it a little more weight, as folks tend to search for Thanksgiving recipes they're actually planning on making holiday spread.


The results, as seen in the map above, prove that there are so many more types of stuffing than we thought possible.

Coming in as the favorite in 15 states, including Oregon, Texas, and Maine (proving its popularity in all parts of the country), is cornbread stuffing. This recipe brings the classic fall flavors and deserves that top spot. Second most popular is sausage stuffing, dominating the searches of 10 different states. Turkey stuffing rounds out the top three, taking its rightful place in the rankings.

There are a few surprises. Oklahoma, for instance, introduced us to the concept of "red jello stuffing," for which there must be a highly regional demand—it yields very few Google results, and most of the relevant links would suggest that Oklahomans might in fact be trying to search for a popular Thanksgiving dessert made of strawberry Jell-O and pretzels. Meanwhile, South Carolina, Missouri, and Kansas prefer oyster stuffing, which is a bit of a shock for those two landlocked states, but a delicious sounding recipe nonetheless. And Hawaii doesn't disappoint: it's going fun and spicy with the most searches for jalapeño cheese stuffing.


North Dakota, we simply cannot stand by your choice. Thanksgiving is all about indulgence, or should be—so your highly searched keto cauliflower stuffing isn't fit for our feast. Pennsylvania, you're on thin ice, too, because stuffing with raisins is bound to be as polarizing as politics at the dinner table.

Other Thanksgiving Google trends

Google has some other enlightening Thanksgiving-related information that proves we're all more alike than we think. While the nation seems firmly divided on which is better, apple or pumpkin pie, there are at least two things we can agree on: When it comes to cooking the turkey, 90% of the country is searching for smoked turkey instead of roast turkey. And as for what to watch while enjoying the meal, 42 out of 50 states agree that you just have to put on the football game.