We're A Pumpkin-Spice-Obsessed Society, And Google Has The Receipts

Seems we like our pumpkin spice in a hell of a lot more than lattes

Though fall doesn't technically start for another few weeks, we are already well into Pumpkin Spice Season, because it's never too early (this year especially) to let the warm, cozy vibes of squash and cinnamon work their magic on our battered little hearts. True, the world's major food conglomerates have managed to turn the entire concept of pumpkin spice into something of a joke, but remember, the entire reason pumpkin spice became a major phenomenon in the first place is because, at its core, it's a phenomenally delicious flavor combo. That's why it's no longer a flash-in-the-pan trend, but a seasonal staple.

To better understand our collective obsession with all things pumpkin spice, we need look no further than Google: the all-seeing, all-knowing search engine that monitors every aspect of our online and offline lives, keeping detailed records of our most secret pumpkin-spice-related desires. Per a data analysis sent to The Takeout, the latest data from Google Trends reveals some surprising insights into our collective cinnamon-dusted madness, such as:

  • The most-searched pumpkin spice food of all time is neither pie nor turkey, but rather "pumpkin spice cookies"
  • Over the past week, searches for "pumpkin spice latte hair color" have spiked +450%.
  • Also in the past week, searches for "pumpkin spice ravioli" increased +900%...
  • ...and "pumpkin spice cheesecake enchiladas" searches have exploded ove 1,000%
  • The third most searched pumpkin spice-flavored cocktail is margaritas, which really doesn't sound like the sort of beverage that would in any way benefit from the pumpkin spice treatment.
  • America's top five most-searched "pumpkin spice scented" products are, in order: masks, candles, toilet paper, essential oils, and laundry detergent. And, since it looks like COVID will be keeping us mostly housebound once the frigid fall bleeds into winter, I now intend to purchase all of these things as part of an elaborate practical joke I'll be playing on my husband.
  • The top five searches in the "Pumpkin Spice Decor" category are for pillows, blankets, pine cones, tea lights, and, for some reason, shower curtains. Maybe they're extra resilient to pumpkin spice latte hair dye?
  • Additionally, Google Trends has released this handy map highlighting every state's uniquely searched pumpkin spice foods, which I'm sure will raise many questions, and lead to tons of lively, civilized debate.

    Do we have any Texans, Alabamans, or Vermonters in the house who care to lecture the class on the virtues of pumpkin spice ramen? Because I have plenty of questions, but don't want to personally Google them. I don't want Google to get any weird ideas about my ramen preferences, especially with all these buckets of scented detergent and shower curtains in my shopping cart. Let us know your thoughts and insights in the comments.