Last Call: The Greatest American Divide Is Between Chocolate And Not-Chocolate Candy

At this point, we all probably know the electoral map by heart: which parts are red, which parts are blue, and which parts have cute little stripes. But there are other issues that are dividing Americans this fall besides politics. Namely, Halloween candy.

The job hunting firm Zippia has used data culled from Google Trends to determine the favorite Halloween candy in every state and then created a map color-coded to identify the states that favor chocolate candy and the states that favor non-chocolate candy. The results were surprising, and even a little disturbing. For instance: Airheads are the favorite candy in three states, while one prefers circus peanuts. (New Hampshire, what the hell?) And when it comes to chocolate versus non-chocolate, the nation is at a complete deadlock.

What impressed us most about this survey, though, was the note about what qualified as real Halloween candy:

We, being sane reasonable humans, excluded gum from our candy list. Gum isn't a candy. Similarly, we excluded raisins, fruit snacks, and other things people try and pass off as candy to unfortunate trick-or-treaters. There is a reason some houses get egged on Halloween and it's because they aren't giving out treats.

No matter where we live, we can all get behind this. Right?