Americans Are Desperately Seeking Ham Shops And Other Thanksgiving Google-Search Revelations

How many times did you Google "ham shop" this year? We'd cop to fairly regular internet sweeps of pork purveyors, but the phrase really spikes in national searches around noon the day before Thanksgiving. Google Maps and Google News Labs teamed up to visualize some of the more unique, location-based searches around Thanksgiving, and a few of the results raise questions.

Questions include: Which mayo-based salad has a solid chunk of the South searching for delis around the holiday? Is it a Thanksgiving tradition to check out breweries on Thanksgiving in New Jersey? (Let's make it one.) And are folks in Oklahoma searching for fabric stores to quickly DIY some stretchy pants that accommodate more stuffing?

There's also a neat drop-down tool on the site that allows you to search for unique terms in major cities. This yields trends including Portland, Oregon's penchant for doughnuts; St. Louis' solid commitment to late-night Black Wednesday bar crawling; and L.A.'s desire to eat all types of Asian food this week. If your hometown isn't on the list, tell us what bizarre food term you're looking up—we're surprised not to see "wtf are giblets" trending higher.