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The Many, Many Grocery Brands Owned By Amazon

The retail giant expands its Aplenty food line and seeks to become your go-to grocery store.

A signature brand can be extremely important for a grocery company. As we've reported in the past, the success of Costco can be traced to the simplicity of its singular—and now extremely iconic and recognizable—Kirkland brand. So it makes sense that as Amazon continues to infiltrate the grocery space it's seeking to replicate some of that success with a brand of its own. In early 2021, Amazon announced Aplenty, its very own food brand with limited offerings. Now, however, Aplenty is expanding in an attempt to compete with other national brands.

How and what to buy from Amazon Aplenty

Aplenty items are available to buy online through Amazon or at Amazon Fresh stores only—the move is a strategic one to create brand loyalists through a platform that typically sells just about any brand on the market. When Aplenty first launched, its offerings included "snack items like pita chips, crackers and mini cookies, as well as condiments, frozen foods and pantry staples."


According to Supermarket News, this new expansion will introduce more than 100 new food items, rolling out over the next couple days. There will be a big focus on seasonal and holiday items: new products that have already dropped include mulled honey crisp apple cider, pumpkin spice granola, and salted caramel cheesecake. Items such as sparkling citrus punch, chocolate peppermint granola, double chocolate truffle hot chocolate, and white chocolate peppermint popcorn are all coming soon.

When Amazon first announced the brand, it emphasized the line's focus on "quality ingredients," saying that none of the brand's products will contain artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or high fructose corn syrup. Though Aplenty isn't yet on Whole Foods shelves, Aplenty's ethos aligns nicely with that of the Amazon-owned grocery store—and it's likely that as Amazon continues to grow its grocery sector, some Whole Foods crossover is bound to happen.


Other Amazon-owned food brands

Unlike Costco, Amazon isn't going all-in on one brand. Though there seems to be a push to turn Aplenty into its most widely recognized food label, the company actually currently has 88 private label brands, according to a report from Ecomcrew. Other grocery-related brands from Amazon include:

  • AmazonBasics
  • Cinque Terre
  • Happy Belly
  • Kalista
  • Le French Pantry
  • Mix-A-Licious
  • Nature's Instincts
  • Powers & Powers
  • Roast Ridge Coffee Roasters
  • Santa Ninfa
  • Simply Sweet
  • Solimo
  • Sugarly Sweet
  • Super Organics
  • Wag
  • Wickedly Prime
  • Zesty Bee
  • There's a chance you've already been ordering Amazon-owned private brands from the site without knowing it—one of many reasons the company is currently under fire for potential antitrust issues. If you'd rather not put more money into Amazon's pocket, your safest bet is avoiding shopping through its site at all.

    But it seems like Amazon's push into the grocery market is working for now. Supermarket News reports that this is the sixth straight quarter in a row that the company's brick-and-mortar stores (Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go, and Whole Foods) have seen double-digit sales gains. We'll all probably get used to seeing Aplenty products on a daily basis, because Amazon's gonna keep pushing its own grocery line to keep this momentum going.