Amazon Testing Self-Serve Starbucks Lattes In Self-Serve Stores

Fellow humans: If taking out your phone while on the train, placing an order for a double tall vanilla latte, then grabbing it from the counter when you arrive at Starbucks seems like entirely too much trouble, Amazon would like your attention. Business Insider reports that the monolithic corporation has begun offering self-serve Starbucks in its latest Amazon Go location, this one in midtown Manhattan. And it's not just drip coffee—the 300 Park Avenue location includes 12 espresso drink options as a part of the self-serve rigamarole.

Nor is it the first location to do so. Food & Wine notes that Amazon quietly began offering the same self-serve coffee/espresso options at one of its Seattle locations, adding, "Amazon says it will use these two initial locations to test the partnership and see how customers respond before potentially expanding it further."

We were unable to contact an Amazon representative at either location to determine precisely how the self-serve espresso works; however, it's not unlikely that the kiosk might look something like this. Per BI, the options available include: Americano, cappuccino, latte, double espresso, cafè mocha, cinnamon dolce latte, vanilla latte, caramel latte, hazelnut latte, sugar-free vanilla latte, hot chocolate, and Vanilla Steamer.