Soap Bubble Fountain Prank Causes Mayhem In McDonald's Drive-Thru

Ah, the ol' soap bubble fountain prank: you pour a bunch of dish soap or bubble bath into an outdoor fountain, and get ready for the suds to runneth over. It's a classic that has wreaked havoc on college campuses, public landmarks, and entire city plazas. Like most pranks, it's a big ol' pain the ass for the unfortunate individuals who have to clean up the aftermath—but the rest of us can still have a quick, good-natured giggle about it.

Enter the most recent addition to Soap Bubble Fountain canon: a decorative fountain at an Aloha, Oregon, McDonald's that overflowed with suds and created a Slip 'N Slide situation in the drive-thru.

Workers at an Aloha, Oregon McDonalds told local news station KATU that someone put soap in the restaurant's fountain early Monday morning. The prank resulted in waves of wayward bubbles that made their way to the drive-thru area, making it nearly impossible for drivers to pass. KATU reporter Mike Warner called it "McCARWASH," reporting that the drive-thru is now open, if a little sudsier than before. "How do they clean this?" Warner asked over Twitter. "With soap?" Perhaps the good people of Aloha should check in with the residents of Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood, where a prankster added bubbles to an iconic fountain for weeks at a time back in 2017. Good clean fun? Maybe. Annoying as hell to clean up? Definitely. Still, I'll take my Big Mac with a side of impish pranking any day.