Last Call: Dude Using Alligator To Shotgun Beer Might Not Even Be From Florida

How was everyone's Memorial Day weekend? I was intermittently away from cell reception, camping in a couple areas outside White Sulphur Springs and Livingston, Montana. When I did reach civilization as we traveled from the first camping spot to the next, my phone vibrated with all the "important" texts I'd missed, including one alerting me to this video of a man using an alligator's teeth to puncture his Michelob Ultra can, for shotgunning purposes. It's moments like this that remind me it's good to get away from the internet sometimes.

The video of this unnamed man was originally posted to Instagram by a user whose account is now private; it's since been reposted by other accounts and viewed more than 3 million times. The man has not come forward to claim his 15 minutes of fame, and as Orlando Weekly notes, that might be wise considering grabbing alligators and using them to open beers might run you afoul of wildlife agencies and law enforcement.

Happy summer, all.