It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like We'll Never Get An Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

At long last, Aldi's wine advent calendar arrived in the U.S. on November 7. That was just Wednesday! Surely going to buy it now would be getting a jump on things, right? It was Halloween approximately seven minutes ago, who's buying advent calendars now?

The answer, apparently, is loads of people. USA Today reports that many locations "sold out of the boozy calendar along with an imported cheese calendar within minutes."

The $69.99 calendar, which clocks in at 21 pounds and contains 24 mini bottles of 12 different wines, may have vanished from stores—though hey, who knows, might be worth a shot, check your local Aldi—but it's now showing up for resale online. As of this writing, there's one available on Craigslist Chicago for $500 and several on eBay, with prices up to $399.99. That, folks, is bonkers.

Aldi has said they won't be restocking the calendars, so that's a bummer, but the solution is not to pay hundreds of dollars for the thing. The solution is to make your own! We found this DIY wine advent calendar on Etsy—you could buy that, and then two cases of normal-size wine, and still do it for less than $500. Heck, you could buy 24 bottles of any alcohol you want, wrap them, and put them into some big boxes and have a slightly less cute but just as effective experience.

Ho ho ho, don't be an idiot. We, too, want an Aldi wine advent calendar, but not that badly. Hopefully next year, Aldi's supply will meet the apparently fervent demand.