Aldi U.K. Knows What People Want, Releases "Hangover-Proof" Prosecco

When it comes to the wine, beer, and spirits selection at Aldi's U.K. locations, the collective longing of The Takeout staff is well-documented. That's not a slight on Aldi's U.S. locations, by any means, but we just don't get things like their color-changing gin or their award-winning whiskey in these parts. With every addition to their tantalizing roster, we pine still harder, and so here we sit, staring moodily at Cosmopolitan U.K.'s coverage of the chain's new organic Prosecco.

The brand reportedly tweeted about their line of organic wines recently, saying, "Apparently they're hangover-proof... better have a glass to find out." As far as we can tell, that tweet has since been deleted, and that's probably because there is definitely no such thing as a hangover-free wine of any kind, at least not this side of science fiction. Hangovers come from drinking too much alcohol, so if the wine in question contains alcohol, it can result in a hangover.

Still, it sounds like a good wine. The £7.99 bottles come from the 150-acre Corvezzo family estate near Venice, and the eco-friendly winery doesn't use pesticides or herbicides. Those omissions, plus a reduced sulfite content, are what's prompting the huzzahs about hangovers. It's possible that these factors might reduce the risk of a hangover, but drinkers should take that with a huge grain of salt as they pour their large, shimmering, super-affordable glasses of sweet sweet sparkling wine.

And hey, here's one endorsement:

Perhaps Aldi will include some tiny bottles in their wine advent calendar, which is coming to the U.S. for the first time this year.