ALDI's Advent Calendars Are Coming

Sources at ALDI tell us these things sell out fast—mark your calendar for drop day.

Yes, it's only September, but before you know it, December 1 will be here. Will you have your edible advent calendar at the ready? Every year I remember that ALDI has the best advent calendars full of cheese, wine, and candy, but I always seem to remember too late—in early December I'll scramble to head to my local ALDI only to find the advent calendar shelves totally bare. This is officially your sign to head to ALDI the day the calendars drop so you don't miss out on the fun. And we know precisely when that day will arrive.


When to buy your ALDI advent calendar

Aldi releases its advent calendars every year on National Holiday Calendar Day, of course. This ALDI-created celebration takes place on the first Wednesday of November every year, which means this year it falls on November 2. And according to Kate Kirkpatrick, ALDI's director of communications, that's the day you're going to want to scoop one up.


"We typically see crowds of shoppers line up before store hours to get their hands on our famous calendars," Kirkpatrick tells The Takeout. "They're expected to sell out fast."

Kirkpatrick says the fan favorites that typically sell out the fastest are fan favorites like the Wine Advent Calendar, Emporium Selection Cheese Advent Calendar, Hard Seltzer Advent Calendar, and the Merry Moments My Friend Gnome Kit. A new slate of never-before-seen calendars will be announced in October, so count on those being in high demand as well.

If you happen to be one of the shoppers who makes it to ALDI when the shelves are still stocked with every calendar item, go ahead and grab as many varieties as you can. These things make great pre-holiday gifts, or you can mix and match them just for yourself.


"We always recommend pairing our wine, cheese, and chocolate calendars for a fully festive experience," Kirkpatrick says.

ALDI's timing is ideal for those among us who are big Halloween heads; we can still go merrily about our fall without a Santa in sight, but come November 2, I know I'll be in that line outside ALDI. I want that calendar full of wine.