Aldi Hiring For 1,000 New Jobs, Is Generally Killin' It

Aldi is hiring for more than 1,000 permanent positions at 380 stores in eight different states—Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, Georgia, and Michigan. Food Dive reports that positions include in-store, warehouse, and corporate roles, and they'll be filled through October.

That might seem like a lot of jobs—and it is—but it's a fraction of Aldi's long-term plan. The next steps include remodeling existing stores and expanding to a total of 2,500 locations, which the grocer plans to achieve by the end of 2022 after a $5.3 billion investment.

In a statement, Aldi's U.S. CEO, Jason Hart, said that while other retailers were struggling, Aldi is expanding "in every core area of our business, particularly our stores and warehouses... We invite job seekers to be part of the largest expansion the company has seen as we advance our mission to help more than 100 million people save money on high-quality food every month by 2022."

We at The Takeout have previously drooled over Aldi's top-notch wine and spirits offerings, but there are other reasons to be excited about this growth. Per Food Dive, the company has regularly been cited as one of the best places to work, both in general and for women specifically (Forbes); Indeed also called it one of the best employers with regard to compensation and benefits.

Yesterday, Supermarket News named it their retailer of the year. Go Aldi.