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Every Edible Advent Calendar You Can Buy At ALDI This Year

The holiday 2023 Advent calendars are here, catering to every appetite.

There are a few stores that have, through decades of clever marketing and strategic promotion, developed a cult following. Loyal fans rave about the groceries at Target, Costco, Trader Joe's, and, to a lesser extent, even Big Lots. But the fervor is often highest around ALDI, whose (highly affordable) merch drops are treated like milestone events throughout the year. And this time of year, that means people are getting excited about Advent calendars.

These Advent calendars ostensibly count down the weeks before Christmas in accordance with Christianity's celebration of the birth of Jesus, but really, they're just adorable boxes of stuff whose contents are fun to discover each day leading up to the holiday. Sure, you can just buy hot sauce, but why not shield it behind a series of cardboard doors that read "25 DAYS OF HOLIDAY HEAT"?

Not every Advent calendar at ALDI is filled with food or drink; you can get them filled with everything from puzzles to cat treats. But let's focus on the most delicious ones, because those are most likely to sell out quick. Here's a list of every edible Advent calendar dropping at ALDI this month, available while supplies last.

Wicked Grove 12 Days of Cider

Price: $19.99

This is less "Advent calendar" and more "cute 12-pack," but it's still festive, and for the non-beer drinkers in your group it might be fun to sample these 12 flavors. Ciders are 5% ABV and come in the following varieties: Crisp Apple, Juicy Pear, Spiced Plum, Cinnamon, Green Apple, Semi-Dry, Caramel Apple, Blueberry, Berry Ginger, Cranberry, Pineapple, and Raspberry. Who's getting stuck with the Caramel Apple one?


Sparking Magic Sparkling Wine Variety Pack

Price: $29.99

As we've discussed before, ALDI is a destination for affordable wine, and a six-pack of bubbly for $30 only proves that further. This pack has the added benefit of a box that looks like gift wrap, but if you're self-conscious about your gift recipient doing the per-bottle math, you can always buy this pack for yourself and serve it up at a party instead.


Barissimo Coffee Advent Calendar

Price: $13.99

This Advent calendar contains 24 single-serve coffee pods for your Keurig. For owners of one-cup coffee makers, the price of this variety pack works out to 58 cents per cup, which is even better than what you'll find at the gas station.


Moser Roth Luxury Advent Calendar

Price: $15.99

Moser Roth is a German chocolate brand produced for ALDI, and it's one of the store's more high-end options. This Advent calendar reflects that, featuring 24 luxury chocolates with a variety of flavored fillings. Many customers report that the box is bigger than anticipated, which explains the relatively high price tag.


Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

Price: $14.99

This calendar kit contains 25 bottles of hot sauce rather than the standard 24 of an Advent calendar, which means you'll have something to enjoy on Christmas morning, too. Each bottle is approximately 0.8 oz., which ought to be enough to douse over a plate of eggs or some traditional holiday ham.


Beer Advent Calendar

Price: $49.99

"The most wonderful time for a beer"? Okay, fine, that's pretty good. At $49.99, this is the second most expensive Advent calendar ALDI is offering in 2023, but for only occasional beer drinkers, it can be a good way to figure out if there's a particular style you enjoy, then go buy more of that.


Choceur Kids Advent Calendars

Price: $1.99

A bit of advice from a perpetual child at heart: These are the way to go. Why get your kids a toy-filled Advent calendar whose contents will remain painfully underfoot in your living room year-round? These chocolates might taste vaguely of cardboard, but they're the biggest bang for your buck and keep every morning in December exciting for your kids. You don't have to get more elaborate than this.


Choceur 24 Day Advent Calendar

Price: $8.99

Okay, so just in case you want to get a little more elaborate than the flat cardboardy discs of Advent chocolate in a classic calendar, you can grab this option from Choceur, featuring assorted chocolates and truffles in slightly heftier portions.


Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar

Price: $16.99

Given the high cost of cheese these days, $16.99 for 24 different mini portions of European cheese feels mighty reasonable. As with the beer sampler, this Advent calendar is a good way to sample various options and see which one you might want to add to your regular ALDI shopping list, because as ALDI fans will tell you, the cheese selection is impressive year-round.


Holiday Magic Wine Advent Calendar

Price: $59.99 

Yes, it's the most expensive Advent calendar of the lot—but wouldn't you be suspicious if it weren't? These wines are priced at just $2.50 per mini bottle; any less and there would be cause for concern. These "wines of the world" are among ALDI's most popular options each holiday season, and it's fun to mix and match them. On Christmas Eve, you can place them all on the kitchen counter and have guests select from a wide range of options, making a game of swapping tasting notes and making recommendations.