Alarming Amount Of Poop In Spanish Weed Gives New Meaning To "This Is Good Shit"

The clichéd pot fan taking a joint, inhaling, holding it in, and then exhaling while exclaiming, "This is some good shit, man," may be more correct than first suspected. The New York Post reports that a new study in Spain reveals "street marijuana is likely to have an alarming amount of poop on the plastic packaging it comes in." A full 88 percent of the marijuana packets were found to have e. Coli bacteria, making the pot inside "not suitable for consumption" and a "public health issue."

How could this get any worse for Spanish pot fans? It's suspected that the fecal matter comes from drug smugglers who swallow the baggies and then... well, you know. Says the Post: "Moroccan dealers wrap the weed in plastic 'acorns' or small blocks and ingest it—only to take a laxative and expel the packages when they arrive in Spain." Sure makes you appreciate the legal pot dispensaries in some areas of the U.S., which hopefully involve no such smuggling, just shipments from legal pot farms.

Since we're having a hard time knocking this acorn image out of our heads now, have you seen this delightful SNL movie review of The Mule, the Clint Eastwood movie in which he plays a drug runner? Hope this helps.