New Zealand, Land Of Geniuses, Develops Cookie Coffee Cups

Airline waste is a real problem: all those extra plastic cups and forks, all being schlepped around the world in a machine that emits tons of carbon waste. But what if you could eat your garbage?

So now Air New Zealand is experimenting with edible coffee cups, Daily Coffee News reports. They are made from flour, sugar, eggs, and vanilla essence, so can we just call them cookies? (Or, fine, biscuits.)

Coffee and cookies is such a delightful combination. Twiice, the family-owned business that manufactures the cups, swears they don't leak and that they stay crisp "at least as long as it takes to drink your coffee, and longer." The company's cofounder, Jamie Cashmore, credits the cups to "Kiwi ingenuity." The cups have already been available at 14 earthbound caf├ęs in New Zealand. We would be happy to fly to New Zealand to verify that these cups really work. Super happy.