Say Hello To The Takeout's Two New Aces

To say The Takeout is a small team is putting it mildly. We're a tight-knit little crew, banding together daily to pound on our keyboards and cook up recipes until the digital sausage gets made. That team grew in size this month with the addition of two—count 'em, two!—new staff members.


It is my great pleasure to formally introduce them to you, readers and commenters. You are all part of our Takeout universe, and there would be no website without your attention and readership. So please, join me in welcoming Aimee Levitt and Allison Robicelli, whom you'll be reading much more from in the coming weeks and months.

Aimee Levitt, our associate editor, should be a familiar name to readers. She's written some stellar stories for us in the past, on topics as varied as butter sculpting, chocolate chip myths, and the most American sandwich. She lives in Chicago and has a sweet dog named Abby who's been the beneficiary of some of Aimee's culinary efforts.

Allison Robicelli, our staff writer, is a Baltimore-based Renaissance woman: professional pastry chef, cookbook author, James Beard Award nominee, and podcaster extraordinaire. She's already turned her keen baker's eye toward this season of The Great British Baking Show, which she'll be reviewing for us weekly.


I couldn't be more proud to have them both on the team, and I know they look forward to getting to recognize all of you by Kinja avatar, as I have.