AC/DC-Inspired Beer Has 6.66% ABV, Is Metal As Hell

It's one of two AC/DC-inspired IPAs included in an upcoming limited release.

Are you in need of a refreshing beverage while you traverse the highway to hell? Perhaps you'd like something hoppy before you engage in dirty deeds (done dirt cheap)? Friends, have I got news for you. California-based Calicraft Brewing Company is teaming up with rock merch outlet KnuckleBonz to release two new brews inspired by Australian rock legends AC/DC. Together, the companies will release a duo of AC/DC-inspired IPAs, one of which has 6.66% APV, heavy metal news outlet Loudwire reports.

Per Loudwire, the PWR Up Juicy IPA (6.66%) "mixes the tropical hop punch of hazy IPAs with the balance of West Coast IPAs." The brand writes that the IPA is "a blend of Australian Galaxy Hops and American Citra Hops," which "bring massive flavors of bright passionfruit, ripe peaches, and juicy mandarin. Inspired by the newest AC/DC album, AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA combines new school vibes with old school cool."

The second option, TNT Double IPA (8.2%), "is a modern take on a classic style." The beer incorporates Australian Cascade, American Cascade, and Simcoe hops for a big, bold IPA with notes of "fresh cut grapefruit, sweet mango, and fresh pine."

Rock magazine NME reports that the band has "authorized" the brews, although it's unclear what that means, exactly. Did AC/DC's members send in their written consent, or did they simply nod vaguely at the idea of a set of IPAs that, per Calicraft, "explode out of the glass?"

Either way, both beers will become available starting mid-September in select retail outlets throughout California and Arizona. You can also pre-order a set of collector's cans online, or attend a tap room release event July 23 through July 25 at the Calicraft Tap Room in Walnut Creek, California. It seems doubtful that the band would attend, but you'll be able to gather with other crazed AC/DC fans, which could be delightful and/or dangerous, depending on the vibe.