A Smoothie Made Out Of The Entire McDonald's Menu Is Probably Not The Best Idea

On the Cut YouTube show Dan And Dietrich's Would You Rather? the two men in the title are faced with various Solomon-like decisions. Like would you rather be buried alive for 12 hours, or smash your phone and delete all accounts? Eat one ghost pepper or every kind of cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory?

In a recent episode, as noted by Digg, the two were faced with this impossible choice: Drink a smoothie made out of every item on the McDonald's menu, or eat every one of McDonald's fried items on the menu. And they would only win the challenge if the majority of 100 people surveyed agreed that they made the right choice.

The two went with the smoothie, boldly going through the drive-thru and asking for the entire menu. They then attempt to cram that metric ton of food into a blender, which gets really gross (especially when they add the soda) and at times almost solidifies. As they go in to drink it, there is a lot of retching (almost edited out of the video, but not completely).

But the worst news is yet to come: They guessed wrong, and 56 out of 100 people want them to eat the fried McDonald's food instead. So back to the drive-thru they go to get all of that fried food. Really the only person who could possibly be happy about this turn of events is the manager of that particular McDonald's franchise, who probably saw a considerable sales spike that day.