A Las Vegas Cook Stole 25 Lobsters In A Backpack

Normally, if a restaurant employee stole a bit of food from work, it might result in their firing or, at worst, an arrest for petty theft. But if that food is 25 lobsters—valued at $1,875—that pilfering will get the thief cuffed for embezzlement.

KNTV reports authorities arrested a cook at Las Vegas' Bellagio hotel-casino this week on one count of embezzlement. The cook allegedly stuffed 25 lobster tails in his backpack and left the kitchen premises through a back door. Whether he was apprehended due to a pungent crustacean odor emanating from his parcel or because a rogue claw emerged from the JanSport is unknown.

Again, folks, let us we remind you: Do not consider the lobster.