A Century-Old Martini Recipe Is Revived In The Smooth And Mellow Astoria Cocktail

Astoria is a classic variation on the martini, conceived by Jacques Straub, the legendary wine steward of Chicago's Blackstone hotel. In 1914, Straub wrote the seminal Drinks, and within its 700 recipes is his Astoria concoction. By using an Old Tom gin instead of a London dry gin, the cocktail has an added sweetness and a softer, mellower quality than your standard wet gin martini.

Watch Paul McGee, bartender at Chicago's Lost Lake tiki bar, demonstrate this timeless cocktail in the video above.


2 oz. Old Tom gin1 oz. dry vermouthA dash of orange bitters

Combine in mixing glass. Add ice and stir for 30 seconds. Pour into martini glass and express with lemon peel.