A Beer Can Could Save Your Life

During a spring training game at Diablo Stadium in Tempe, Arizona, last week, Joe Ayala was just chilling with his girlfriend, Meagan Casillas, watching the Angels and the A's, just about to take a sip of a freshly opened beer (a 16-oz. can of Michelob Ultra, from the looks of it) when the fans started to make some noise.

"I heard people scream and I thought it was a home run," Ayala told Inside Edition, "so I looked up, didn't see a ball. I looked over toward the batter and saw the ball coming right for us."

Since it had been hit hard by a major leaguer—the A's catcher, Sean Murphy—the ball was traveling really fast and could have done serious damage if it hit a person. Fortunately, it hit Ayala's beer can instead.

"This beer can saved my life," Ayala told Inside Edition, holding up the dented can.

Beer spewed all over Ayala and everyone sitting near him, but no one was hurt. Photographer Mark Rebilas also managed to catch the moment of impact, so that was exciting.

The Angels sent Ayala some fresh beer and an autographed bat for his trouble. They also lost the game, 11-2 (to which Murphy contributed a home run).