A Ball Pit Made Of 30,000 Beer Cans Doesn't Sound Fun At All

My social media sphere is typically correct in its reactions to trending internet videos: yes, cute puppies are cute, heartwarming homecomings are heartwarming, and making a salad in one second is awesome. But the collective envy over this video of an Australian man making a ball pit out of 30,000 empty beer cans is off-base.

Allow me to play the killjoy: A beer-can ball pit sounds sharp, loud, and uncomfortable. Jumping into one likely requires an up-to-date tetanus shot. It's not unlike the Duck Tales intro when Scrooge McDuck nose-dives into a pit of gold coins—there's no way that doesn't cause bruising.

But there are a few fun details about this pit of beer cans: All of the thousands of cans are from the same beer brand, Victoria Beer. The video's poster, Tammy Penhall, says in the video that it's taken one man 15 years to collect them all. I'll grant that level of commitment is impressive, but call me when there's a swimming pool full of the 30,000 cans' worth of beer.