7-Eleven Invites You To Drink Hot Peeps

Last week, we reported on PEPSI x PEEPS®, a controversial new cola collab that, per the press release, "combines the crisp, refreshing taste of PEPSI cola with the pillowy-soft and sweet PEEPS® Marshmallow flavor consumers love." But what if you want to start your day with Peeps? And what if you prefer those Peeps... warm? 7-Eleven has the beverage for you, you fun-loving little weirdo. According to a press release, in addition to 7-Eleven's usual hazelnut, vanilla, caramel, and orange mocha flavors, the store is adding another limited-edition latte flavor: Peeps Marshmallow.

Out of all of the Peeps innovations we've seen this year (seriously, what's going on over there?), a Peeps latte might be the most palatable. Creamy marshmallow mixed into a gas station latte actually sounds pretty good, depending on the ferocity of your sweet tooth. The brand is also marketing the drink to established Peeps fans. 7-Eleven Vice President of Proprietary Beverages Jawad Bisbis writes: "We are always looking for new and unexpected flavors for all of our proprietary beverages—hot, cold and frozen. I hope loyal PEEPS enthusiasts will come give our limited-edition latte a try."

If you'd like to turbo-charge your day with the power of the Peep, the latte flavor is available for a limited time—caffeinated or decaf—at participating locations. And if you're looking for other Easter treats, the chain will debut a few new springy delights like giant frosted shortbread cookies. The Takeout assumes no liability for what happens after you drink the Peeps latte. (Sugar high-induced levitation, sugar crash-induced traffic accidents, etc.)