Grab The Kahlua: It's 50-Cent Wendy's Frosty Season

At this moment—this exact moment, be cool, don't freak out—you can get a small Frosty, a giant of the dollar menu world, for two measly quarters. It's not the first time Wendy's has done this. This time last year, our own Kate Bernot took advantage of this exact deal to determine which tiny bottle of booze was best paired with one of these beauts.

It's a good read, that one. It also points out that for the cost of one of those bottles plus 50 cents, you can wander around in a park with a small but very grownup sort-of milkshake on a sunny day, and that is a beautiful thing. (Fries for dipping, optional.)

Of course, if you have a Frosty tag, you don't need this deal, but the rest of us can stroll into our nearest Wendy's, sacrifice some small portion of our laundry money, and enjoy, for a limited time.