Brilliant 5-Year-Old Puts A $1,200 Ice Cream Bill On His Dad's Credit Card

The kid pretended to play Tetris on his dad's phone, then snuck over to Uber Eats.

If you had money, real money, as a kid... what would you buy? I always envied Richie Rich's indoor McDonald's—heck, even as an adult that's up there in terms of dream scenarios. A pool full of Jell-O, a nonstop supply of pizza, your very own soda fountain; the treat-inspired fantasies are endless. Well, one five-year-old in Australia made his own dream a reality when he ordered lots and lots and lots of ice cream.

The Daily Mail reports that this kid used his dad's phone to order $1,200 worth of gelato through Uber Eats. How'd he get away with it? Apparently he was pretending to play Tetris, then snuck over to another app to snag his sweet haul. But a mastermind he is not, making one crucial mistake: the giant order was delivered to his dad's workplace instead of his home. We'll cut him some slack for overseeing that detail. The kid is only five, after all.

The order was placed at Sydney-based Messina, which sells not only servings of gelato but gelato cakes for as much as $99 a pop. The shop shared the massive order on its Instagram stories, and by the looks of things there were at least seven cakes, 14 jars of dulce de leche, and five bottles of Messina Jersey Milk included in the $1,200 haul. The receipt alone was almost as tall as the person delivering the order.

By the time the kid's dad found out, it was too late. He discovered that he was out $1,200 on his credit card when he got the Uber Eats notification that the order had been delivered. The dad drove down to pick up the order from the fire station where he works, leaving behind some goodies for his colleagues working that day, taking the rest home. No word on how long it might take to eat through all that gelato, but I bet it'll be even longer before that kid is allowed to "play Tetris" on his dad's phone again.