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5 Black Friday Amazon Deals That Are Actually Worth The Hype

These essential kitchen items are the cheapest they'll be all year.

Today's the day: It's time to get the best deals possible on the stuff you need and want, and you can avoid the hordes of shoppers fighting over toasters in the clearance aisle by taking advantage of Black Friday sales online. As per usual, Amazon has been pushing its Black Friday sales hard. But which deals and discounts are worth taking advantage of, without an ounce of buyer's remorse? For the most rewarding Black Friday kitchen deals, stick to these categories on Amazon.

Air fryers

We've said it before and we'll say it again—air fryers are worth the hype. Once you realize the full potential of this multipurpose appliance, you'll be pulling out your favorite air fryer recipes left and right to impress guests. Amazon is offering a few brands at major discounts this year:


Beverage enhancers

Even if you're not into cooking at all, you can still jazz up your drinks with some sleek but simple devices. There are three standout items dedicated to keeping your beverages as cold as possible:

Food items

Not everyone knows that you can buy Grubhub gift cards on Amazon, and if you buy them this year, you'll be granted access to additional deals. From Black Friday through Cyber Monday, Amazon customers who purchase Grubhub gift cards will receive 20% instant savings or up to $15 in Amazon promotional credit.


There are opportunities to save on other food items, too. If you spend $50 on select Amazon brands, you'll receive 25% off:

Major kitchen appliances

Black Friday might be the ideal time to make that big purchase you've been putting off—the deals are just too good not to. And even though it might not have occurred to you to purchase your refrigerator from the producer of Bosch, Amazon really is a solid option when you're shopping for major appliances, especially since Frigidaire's retro-chic designs seem to be competing with the Smeg aesthetic at a fraction of the price:


Stand mixers and blenders

Earlier this year we told you that KitchenAid Stand Mixers and Vitamix Blenders were the only Amazon deals that mattered, because those brands are the least likely to go on sale throughout the rest of the year. The same goes for Black Friday deals. You'll want to check out these items, which will be on sale for a very limited time: