5,000 Pounds Of Chicken Guts Slosh Onto North Carolina Highway

On Thursday morning an accident involving a tractor trailer left Highway 74 in Marshville, North Carolina, covered in 5,000 pounds of chicken guts. Thanks to hardworking sanitation workers the mess was cleaned up by 9 a.m., so most local residents did not have to suffer the agony of being stuck in traffic while being mired in the stench of chicken guts. Instead, locals can experience that special sort of trauma vicariously through local reporter Anthony Kustura, who began his live broadcast on WSOC-TV by saying "I don't even have the vocabulary to describe to you how rancid it smells out here."

The accident occurred around 3:30 a.m. when a car driving in front of the truck slowed down for a yellow light; the truck driver slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision, and the sudden stop caused the 5,000 pounds of chicken guts in the back to slosh out all over the road. Reporting live from the scene, Kustura said that the weather was hot and humid, making the situation exponentially more fun for everyone involved. Police, fire trucks, and sanitation crews arrived shortly after the accident to scoop up guts into trash cans, and pour disinfectant all over the road in hopes of mitigating the smell.

During the live report, anchor Scott Wickersham observed that there were still cars driving past the scene of the accident; Kustura clarified that authorities had decided to keep the road open, blocking off only one lane of traffic so vehicles could navigate around the chicken guts. Possibly motivated by the stench, most vehicles chose to speed through the sea of chicken guts, further smearing them all over the road.

"Heads up if you are driving to the area this morning," warned Kustura. "You might just wanna rinse off your tires because that's a very real possibility that you might have some of those chicken scraps on your own car."

Wickersham concluded the news segment by expressing his sympathy for the BBQ restaurant across the street from the accident, which will be smelling vaguely by hot, rancid chicken guts for the next several days.