47 Percent Of Casanovas Say It's Appropriate To Take A Date Out For Fast Food

Cupid's arrow can strike in unlikely places: the laundromat, the DMV, why not a Taco Bell? While the majority of respondents to Match.com's recent Single In America survey think it's definitely fine to take a date to a fast-food place, a full 19.4 percent said it was "never appropriate." (Those people are also now presumably polishing their monocles.) The nationwide survey—which polled more than 5,000 single or casually dating people—found that support for fast-food dates increased as a relationship becomes more serious. Once a couple is casually dating, 46.9 percent of respondents said a fast-food restaurant would be date-appropriate.

Fast-food dinners are just one of the potentially dating pitfalls Match.com found, though.

Ordering for your date

Even if you really think she'd enjoy the chicken parm, don't try to order for your prospective partner: 61.6 percent of singles say that's either highly or somewhat inappropriate date behavior.

Offering your date a bite of your food

Okay, but really, she should try the chicken parm! It's fine to offer her a bite of yours, according to the survey: 67.3 percent said it's somewhat or highly acceptable behavior on a date.

Asking for a bite of your date’s food

Whoa, there, Mr. McGrabby Fork. Most people think it's acceptable to offer your date a taste off your own plate, but the survey was split on whether it's okay to ask for a taste of someone else's order. Just over 49 percent said it was somewhat or highly inappropriate.


Eating adventurously

Not being on the same page when it comes to food isn't always a deal-breaker. While 45.9 percent said they'd like a partner who can introduce them to new foods, 25.9 said they prefer a partner with the same tastes as them. And 28.2 were somewhere in the middle, preferring someone who can try new things but who also appreciates familiar foods.


Not having food in the pantry

I've never beelined for the pantry upon first entering a date's house, but I'll admit it can be a useful window into their eating and cooking habits. If you visit a new partner's place for the first time and didn't find much food in the house, the survey asks, would that be a turn-off? Almost 73 percent of respondents said they'd be turned off or slightly turned off. Those people immediately dialed for delivery.