3 New Peanut M&Ms Flavors Headed Our Way

In 2019, M&Ms will be releasing three new flavors upon a grateful and/or unsuspecting public: English Toffee Peanut, Thai Coconut Peanut, and Mexican Jalapeño Peanut. That's according to USA Today by way of SnackChatLive, which shared images of the toffee, coconut, and ja-la-pe-ño bags.

The bags, as you can see, ask consumers to vote on the flavors. Or maybe you don't see that. Perhaps you're distracted by the costuming? Per USA Today:

The packaging for the international takes on the classic chocolate candy features M&M's characters—what the brand calls spokescandies—wearing headgear to reflect each flavor. The English guy has on a black trilby with a British flag tucked into the side, while the Mexican one dons a sombrero. The Thai anthropomorphized candy has a flower tucked behind its ear.

This is the latest in what seems to be an unending line of food brands rolling our novelty flavors. They are often interesting, to say the least. While we at The Takeout are not opposed to any of these particular innovations, we admit to being most curiousabout the jalapeño option (chocolate and jalapeño, sure; peanut and jalapeño, fine; all three,¯\_(ツ)_/¯). That said, the coconut sounds pretty promising, no?