The Biggest Buffets In The World

While Las Vegas has plenty of huge experiences, it's a reasonable assumption that the world's biggest buffets are located in this famous sin city. And while Vegas has plenty of huge buffets, the largest of all buffets isn't anywhere near this showstopping city. What's more, the United States can't even claim to be the only country with a claim over some of the biggest buffets. There are massive buffets all around the world.


Though buffets have become less common than they once were, many remain. Though it seemed buffets were once everywhere, they've become quite a bit less common, owing to a collection of factors that certainly included the COVID-19 pandemic and people's rising concerns over the speed of germs. Even still, the giant buffets continue to thrive. However, these buffets have gotten quite the glow up. For many diners, the experience has to be something extra special, and in many massive buffets around the world, this is the reality.

From the biggest in the world to the biggest in a particular meat or style of cuisine, these locations will leave you stunned by their massive size. Hopefully though, that overwhelmed feeling doesn't impact your appetite because you'll certainly want it at these spots. To make the most out of the experience and get the most bang for your back, you should plan on arriving hungry. It may also be worth noting that strenuous activity will likely be out of the picture the rest of the day.


Les Grands Buffets (Narbonne, France)

There aren't many experiences in life that make you feel like you've been dropped right into a movie. A visit to Les Grands Buffet is Narbonne, France, however, feels every bit the "Beauty and the Beast" experience with a dining room lit throughout by real, striking candelabras. The buffet here is so large, you might expect the silverware and plates to jump up and sing a show tune a la the classic Disney animated movie. How do you really drive have the massive size of this area? You're given an actual map of the buffet to help find your way. That's right; it's so big, you'll need to trace your route.


You've no doubt seen a chocolate fountain at a buffet. After all, they're so common the chain Golden Corral (one of the last chain buffets left standing) even offers a chocolate fountain experience. Les Grands' certainly has an impressive one, but the standing lobster tower will really be the piece that blows you away with its height and beautifully colored lobster.

As you meander through the cheeses, meats, seafood, and desserts, you'll notice the massive kitchen in the restaurant, complete with rotisserie meats. Don't fill up on your primary foods, though, because the separate ice cream room is a wonder to enjoy all on its own.

Shady Maple (East Earl, Pennsylvania)

Nothing quite shows the massive scale of Shady Maple better than its stats. The busiest day for this massive buffet is Saturday morning breakfast. Serving roughly 8,000 people, the 200 foot long buffet will serve over 700 pounds of bacon, hundreds of pancakes, and over 700 eggs. To prep everything, the kitchen gets hopping at 4 A.M., and people arrive hungry, with a line forming before 8 A.M.


One of the big draws to Shady Maple is its homemade feel. It's not the fanciest of food, but it is handmade with fresh ingredianes like cut veggies and hand breaded fried chicken. For all of this homemade goodness, one of the biggest draws is the very reasonable prices. Saturday breakfast is about $16 and every other meal price is south of $30. Want to make a day out of it? Come for breakfast and stay for lunch. You'll just need to pop back to the front to pay the difference between the price of the two meals. That'll allow you to stay to make the most of your smorusborg experience.

Wing's World Cuisine (Dublin, Ireland)

Though you don't necessarily need to travel to Dublin, Ireland, to enjoy international cuisine, at Wing's World Cuisine, you'll get a variety of different types of foods to enjoy from many different regions of the globe. Here, you'll find offerings as diverse as pizza, tandoori, kebabs, seafood, dim sum, and even a sushi conveyor. Not to mention, for dessert, you can watch fried ice cream made fresh for you. The menu at Wing's World is said to include over 150 different items.


€24.95, or roughly $26.80, is the highest rate you'd pay here, and that's for an adult on Saturday or Sunday at dinner time. During the week, the price is a bit lower, and lunch is €10 less, for quite a significant step down in cost. Students, children, and toddlers all pay lower amounts for each menu, too. Though the sheer amount of food is impressive here, the glitter and shine of all the silver food basins and the decoration is really what sets this option apart, giving it more of an upscale sort of feel.

Bacchanal Buffet (Las Vegas)

You come to Vegas for big: big money, big entertainment, and, well, big buffets. The mac daddy among these legendary buffets is Bacchanal Buffet of Ceasar's Palace. With over 250 different food items to choose from across 10 kitchens and nine different locations to see chefs at work, good luck trying it all in one sitting. 


Like Wing's in Dublin, there's food here from around the world, from pizza to tacos, as well as the vegans and vegetarians in your traveling party. However, unlike Wing's, the price here is a bit more expensive, with the weekend meal costing $85.99.

For that price, you're probably looking to get the most out of your hard earned coin. With some exceptional dishes like roast pig, prime rib, and seafood favorites, Bacchanal Buffet is serving it up. Here, according to executive chef Castillo, 2,000 pounds of snow crab legs and 500 pounds of prime rib is the norm each day, with 40 cooks working to feed customers with many different food preferences and dietary needs.

embu (Singapore)

Prior to becoming embu, this beautiful space was the Melt Cafe, and after some reimagining with the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore, it's now an entirely new space. If there's one thing you should know about embu, it's that you're going to fall in love with the decor even before your first forkful. All around the restaurant, as well as in its entrance, there's flowering plants and plenty of lush vegetation to make it feel like you're enrobed in the grandeur. The light fixtures and black and white tiling make this space nothing short of stunning.


The food is just as artfully displayed with a seafood colosseum constructed out of lobster, crab, and prawn, all atop mountains of ice. From sushi, pizza, pasta, several oyster varieties, veggies, and a slew of other foods, including an impressive bakery where everything here is artfully arranged. 

Embu one made the list due to its huge feel. After all, there is a colosseum, but based on the menus we found, there are between 12 and 15 food areas for dinner and lunch. Sunday brunch really goes for it with a total of 18 different dining sections. The massive scale of the buffet is one thing, and that's impressive, but the way the whole restaurant comes together is perhaps even more incredible. 


Siga la Vaca (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Where's the other buffets are massive and beautiful, Siga la Vaca is delicious and quite large, but it's place on this list arises from it being one of the biggest buffets we could find focusing on Argentinian asado. Asado involves taking meat and either grilling or roasting them very slowly, as well as veggies, some sauces, all in a large social setting. Tapping into the social aspect, you very much get that feel from this restaurant with a wide open space that can fit 450 hungry diners.


Research suggests there are at least six different sections to the buffet, but what really sells this as a "big buffet" was the size of the grill. Referred to by many diners as a "meat bar," the charcoal pit stretches for dozens of feet to cook up to 20 different cuts and proteins.

With currency conversions in mind, prices can fluctuate a little. but what seems generally accepted is that guest can expect to pay around the equivalent of $25-$30 depending on when they dine. Like many other buffets, this is inclusive of everything you would enjoy, with soft drinks, beer, and even a liter of wine included. Despite its size, Siga la Vaca is in more of a tucked away location, giving some vacationers the chance to enjoy an off-the-beaten-path feel. You'll know you've arrived when you see the cow on the building. Quirky? Sure. Memorable? Definitely. 


Red Apple Buffet (Chicago)

The Red Apple Buffet is much more of a traditional buffet style and feels a little reminiscent of the buffet chains that were once located in nearly every small town in America. Rather than focusing on a vast number of different kinds of foods, this one is much more focused on Polish cuisine. There's a whole lot of meat and comfort food going on here.


Don't let the look of the restaurant for you, however, it may not be the flashiest on our list, but everything is made traditionally and well, with loyal customers and fans throughout the city, state, and surrounding areas. There's good reason this one is such a favorite, but it certainly deserves more recognition. The collection of foods is quite large, and that it's made fresh is really the most impressive part of the whole experience. It all comes at a reasonable price too.

With a price of $32.99 per diner, the website lists a discount for children of different ages but doesn't specify what that might be. Unfortunately, the buffet is currently only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so be sure you visit on one of the days the buffet is actually open to enjoy some of the over 70 items.


The Line (Singapore)

We're coming to realize that Singapore is where you want to go to enjoy a beautiful scene while you dine. As though embu wasn't enough, The Line buffet also calls Singapore home. With beautifully crafted desserts that look like something you'd pick up from your favorite swanky bakery to its beautifully appointed space, this one should be on any buffet lover's bucket list. Situated inside the Shangri-La Singapore, it's hard not to stand in absolutely stunned awe from the moment you pull up to the second you pay for your meal.


In the hotel's lower level, you'll find The Line. While the Shangri-La lobby is a lush feeling space, The Line is much more midcentury modern, with bold color accents and fun shapes. Each of the buffets features beautifully prepared and presented items, all simply calling out for you to add to your plate. The sushi selection here is absolutely large, with plenty of salads, noodles, and meat dishes to fill you right up. We counted over 25 different menu sections with buffet areas that are divided between the regions from which they originate, and you'll even find some more Western favorites, like cheese pasta and even fried fish.

SkyFeast (Sydney, Australia)

While we're on the subject of stunning surroundings, the SkyFeast in the Sydney Tower absolutely must be in the conversation. Here, you'll be situated high above Sydney while you sample an incredible range of dishes between about 12 sections of the buffet that serve 30 international dishes.


The feast includes seafood in many varieties, including sushi, desserts, cheeses and fruits, stir fries, fried rice, and a great deal more. Enjoying this impressive variety of dishes is one experience, but enjoying it from Sydney's SkyTower adds to the delight. It's worth noting that even though this is a buffet, there is a time limit at an hour and a half for dining. So don't spend too much time staring in awe because time translates to food expense here.

Another fascinating part of the restaurant is that the outer seating area slowly spins to allow for 360 degree views, making it an awesome stop for tourists wanting to take in the city as well as locals enjoying their beautiful city from above. The inside circle with the food and middle of the restaurant, however, does not spin. This might be helpful to note so you don't get lost.


The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas (Las Vegas)

Wynn has an impressively sized buffet with a classic Vegas buffet feel. In fact, it's so large that you could eat one new food a day for the entire year. 16 live cooking stations churn out 365 different dishes across a 24,000 square foot restaurant. At least you'll have fun searching for your table; the dining area is brightly colored with fun seat cushions and pillars surround the space with sporadic greenery throughout the area.


The food options here are diverse with a wide Asian selection of food, including a whole sushi section as well as classic buffet favorites like crab legs. Hollandaise lovers, rejoice: During the brunch time frame, stretching from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M., you can enjoy an eggs Benedict station. It's everything brunch lovers dream of when they sit down.

Between the Bacchanal Buffet and The Buffet at Wynn, you'll be hard pressed to determine your actual favorite between the two. If you want that real Vegas feel in your buffet, the Wynn may be the one you want, as The Bacchanal feels entirely separate from Vegas. Maybe you'll just need to try both, you know, for science. 

Jacob Restaurant (New York)

Visiting Harlem and feeling hungry? Check out Jacob Restaurant. It's a very large soul food buffet with brightly colored, beautiful dishes. This buffet sells food by the pound rather than it being an all-you-can-eat experience. So, you'll grab your to go container and then begin filling it up between the largest selection of soul food with something like 40 items on the buffet.


The options are abundant, but even though it's on the smaller size of the massive buffet range that we found, it is a huge buffet with a focus exclusively on soul food. Many buffets you find will cover global cuisine, but not in this case.

After gathering up your food, you'll head to the register to ring up your finds. There are also drink options to finish off the meal that will go quite well with your selections. Everything about Jacob Restaurant screams homemade comfort, and with so many options, it would certainly be easy to find dishes to please every member of your family.

Hapuna Lux Dining (Tokyo, Japan)

Located inside the Prince Hotel in Tokyo, Hapuna Lux Dining comes with a time limit of two hours. The buffet is situated in beautiful surroundings with lovely design elements, and seats over 400 people. The center space of the restaurant is taken up by several large buffet tables with beautiful, bright lighting, showcasing the many food options.


To match the scene, the food is brightly colored and quite flavorful looking. In the serving space, there are plenty of stations with made to order items, but there are also plenty of grab from the serving plate items. With the imposing size of the space (over 21,000 square feet) and the impressive array of interaction options, this buffet has the feel of being just so big, even overwhelming; it doesn't help that the place serves an average of 90 dishes.

This buffet rotates regularly with the seasons, so there's a lot of change. To help avoid food contamination, there are even trays that divide out food if you prefer that your food not touch. While some buffets can be colorful, but offer medicare food, this one does not have that unpleasant distinction, bringing fresh, delicious food in a massive buffet.


Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

If you've ever thought to yourself, "This buffet is good, but I wish there was a selection of chocolate sauces to choose from," we have the buffet for you. Saffron Asian Buffet Restaurant in Dubai is located in Atlantis and has an impressive array of options that create an absolutely busting spread of choices.


Showcased in beautiful serving containers, there are curries, stir fries, meat, fish, salads, fruits, desserts, fabulous breads, barbecue favorites, as well as many more choices divided between 20 live cooking sections. You'll dine in a setting that is just as fabulous, with lots of white, clean features that make the whole buffet and its 220 dishes experience feel extra special.

What's more, throughout the week, different themed dinners are featured with Spice Route on Monday, highlighting flavors of the Middle East, Asia, and India. Tuesday offers an absolute bounty of seafood flavors. For some Korean and Japanese culinary favorites, enjoy Maki and Kimchi on Wednesdays. Thursday offers an Indian cuisine focus, while Friday brings Thai offerings. Saturday is all about Chinese cuisine, and then Sunday will have you taking a deep dive into Singapore flavors.