The One Extra Step That'll Make Canned Frosting Taste Homemade

Whether you're a regular baker or not, a lot of the time it's just easier to reach for the pre-made frosting can at the grocery store. But if you cringe at the thought of everyone knowing that you bought the frosting atop your otherwise elaborate cake, fear not. If you take regular canned frosting just one step further, you'll end up with a creamy, light topping that complements all the baked goods you already love.


That extra step? Whip your canned frosting with a hand mixer or your trusty stand mixer with the whisk attachment. If you have strong arms, you could even use a whisk and do it by hand, though it's much easier to let the machines do the work.

That's it. Using a spatula, you'll just slide the frosting out of the can and into a bowl (your stand mixer's, if you have one, otherwise any large bowl will do), set the beaters to "whip," and let them do their thing for about five minutes or until the frosting reaches your desired level of lightness. The whipping incorporates air into the frosting, creating a fluffier texture that is more like homemade. Try it; we won't tell.

Why you should whip your frosting

There are a couple of reasons why whipping your store-bought frosting is the way to go next time, and every time, you bake. First, it improves the texture and spreadability of the canned stuff. Have you ever gone to spread frosting out of the can onto your delicate layer cake or cupcake, only for it to rip the top off? It can be difficult to work with, dense and stiff, and it's distressing to have it ruin the upper layer of your baked goods. You can cover the damage with more frosting, but what if you could avoid this issue entirely? Airy frosting has a much more malleable texture that spreads a lot more easily.


Second, it has been proven that whipping your frosting actually increases the amount in your bowl. This is because air is being beaten into the frosting, causing it to expand. That means more frosting for the same amount of money.

There is much more you can do to dress up canned frosting

While you're whipping your store-bought frosting, you can add many different ingredients to give it even more of a glow-up. For example, if you want your frosting to resemble buttercream, try dropping a few tablespoons of room-temperature butter per can into the bowl and incorporating that. Or try an equal amount of whipped cream for an even lighter version of whipped frosting. Cream cheese lends a richness and depth of flavor to frosting, while a pinch of salt helps balance out the sickly sweetness that some canned frostings can have.


There are also many add-ins you can mix into your frosting to subtly — or not-so-subtly — change the flavor. Anything from peanut butter to Nutella to espresso powder will amp up the taste of canned frrosting. Even flavored syrups that are normally used for beverages can lend their essence to frosting.

And if it's texture you want, try chocolate chips or curls, coconut flakes, or chopped nuts (just be sure you fold these in after you are done whipping your frosting, or your mixer might not be able to handle it).