112-Year-Old Woman Credits Longevity To Nightly Dram Of Single Malt Whiskey

The oldest person in Great Britain celebrated her 112th birthday this week, and to mark the occasion, she gave away her secret to longevity: A dram of single malt whiskey, every night for the last sixty years.

Grace "Amazing Grace" Jones, who was born in Liverpool in 1906, told the Daily Mail that she has a nightcap of Famous Grouse Single Malt Whiskey nightly, and has done so for 62 years. That means she began this tradition in 1956. One hopes she is being sent a large case of free Famous Grouse right now as thanks for the loyal patronage and great publicity.

"I never miss my nightcap," she told the paper:

All I have is the whisky at night. Whisky is very good for you. I started having a nightly tot of it when I turned 50 so I've been having it every night for the last 60 years and I certainly have no intention of stopping now. My doctor said, 'keep up with the whisky Grace, it's good for your heart'."

As the Daily Mail notes, Jones has lived through 26 prime ministers, both world wars, and was born only five years after the death of Queen Victoria.

Jones's daughter, 80-year-old Deirdre McCarthy, said, "She loves her tot of whisky every evening before she goes to bed, and why not. Whisky is her thing and she's been having it for the last 60 years."

McCarthy added that she takes after her mother when it comes to an evening tipple: "It's the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day and it's certainly done my mother no end of good."

This song has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual process of aging, but screw it, this one's for you, Amazing Grace.