Inject Every Centenarian Taco Bell Birthday Party Story Directly Into Our Veins

This is not the first time we've run a story about a senior celebrating a birthday at Taco Bell, and god willing, it will not be the last. We love 'em. Can't resist 'em. Give us all your wonderful stories about centenarians getting tables all decorated for them at their favorite fast food chain, we will read and love and write about every single goddamned one.


Myrtis Jewel Painter—amazing name—chose to celebrate having lived más for 106 years by visiting her local Bell in Phoenix, Arizona.

On arriving, she was greeted by friends, family, applause, and gifts. Employees also decorated a section of the restaurant, just for her.

According to AZ Family, franchise owner Greg Gladden has seen Painter regularly visit his location for the last eight years. As a regular, she clearly deserves some special treatment:

"At 106? And they want to come to Taco Bell? And hang out with me?" joked Gladden. "It's just amazing."

Just look at this video, for crying out loud. It is so nice!


Per AZ Family, Painter celebrated with a taco and an enchilada. For her 107th birthday, maybe one of her many friends and family members will spring for a party pack, or for a PARTY by Taco Bell?