Everyone Is Wonderful In This Story About A 101-Year-Old Celebrating Her Birthday At Taco Bell

When Ruth Parker rolled up to a Taco Bell in Carbondale, Illinois on Tuesday—something she does every Tuesday and Friday—this was waiting for her:

In case there's any question, Taco Bell does not put HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH on their big sign for just anyone. And the sign wasn't the last of it. The cameras of KFVS-12, a CBS affiliate local to Cape Girardeau, Missouri, captured flowers, balloons, and a table with a tablecloth, all awaiting her arrival. She's a regular, and it was her birthday, so the staff of this Taco Bell did it up right.

Parker told KFVS-12 that she celebrates every birthday at the Bell, adding, "I feel alright for being 101, I guess."

Her fondness for this particular Taco Bell began some time ago when, newly arrived in town, she started looking for a place to read the newspaper and drink a cup of coffee. Taco Bell does not serve coffee, but an employee made her a cup anyway. Eighteen years later, she still comes in twice a week. "They were just so nice to me that I've been coming back ever since," said Ruth.

That's all so nice. It's just really, really nice. The very nice manager, Rebecca Gefro, had this to say about her frequent customer: "No matter what, we all know Miss Ruth and we all make her a part of our lives and we talk to her. We just love her to death." And the feeling is mutual, as Parker said, "Becky's a doll. She is a wonderful, wonderful person."

Parker's love for living más is undiminished after all these years. Her current favorite menu item, as she told the interviewer, are the Nacho Fries: "They are delicious."

The lovely KFVS-12 segment ends with a beaming Gefro, already planning ahead for Parker's 102nd birthday. "We're gonna make it even bigger," Gefro said with a grin.

I have absolutely nothing silly to say. This is just very nice. Have a great weekend.