Precocious 10-Year-Old Launches Snack-Vending Company With Single Machine

Owen Lefkovits will probably grow up to run a Fortune 500 company, mark our words. The precocious Georgia 10-year-old has already created his own business—O.L. Vending—and overcome start-up costs, inventory issues, and equipment troubles to create a profitable business. Except that he donates those profits to his local Humane Society rather than keep them for himself. What a kid! Let's hear more from the Forsyth County News about this little gem, shall we?

The paper brings us a wonderful profile of Lefkovits, which I insist you read if you need a break in your regularly scheduled doom-and-gloom news programming. The article reveals Lefkovits researched vending machines online before purchasing one, got a start-up loan from his grandma to buy a used one, then gave a detailed presentation to a local car wash as to why they should install his vending machine. Now, he uses Excel and Quickbooks to manage inventory and expenses. Next stop Harvard, probably.

Do give the Forsyth County News' business profile a click, unless you don't like stories that make you feel good. Or stories that are about adoptable animals. Or stories about clever kid entrepreneurs. Then definitely don't click it.