Wow That Man Ordered A Lot Of Eggs

Man-on-the-street interviews give us some of TV news' best moments. The random citizens being asked their opinions on matters of the day add an element of unpredictability, of hilarity, even of danger. And sometimes, they give us food for thought, as is the case with this Fox & Friends "Breakfast With Friends" segment in which a Fox reporter posts up at a Milwaukee-area restaurant to ask an everyman about his opinions on Trump's tax returns—while the man happens to be in the midst of eating a plate of 10 eggs.


10 sunny-side-up eggs! That is one hearty breakfast, sir. Naturally, the viewing public remarked on the plate, which went unacknowledged by the reporter himself. A few observations: There is nothing else on the plate, nary a sprig of parsley nor a dash of hot sauce. Also, I think the man is drinking a soda at 6 a.m.?

Anyhow, Twitter sleuths were all over the 10-egg question. Perhaps the most interesting theory as to why this man is eating almost a dozen eggs came from documentary filmmaker Arlen Parsa, who discovered the restaurant, Johnny V's, offers a "5 lb. food challenge" in which your meal is free if you can consume 10 eggs, eight pancakes, hash browns, 3 pieces of bacon or sausage, a slice of ham, and two pieces of Texas toast within an hour.


Now, we can't say for certain this man was participating in the Jonny V's challenge; maybe he just likes to get his week's worth of cholesterol all in one shot. Maybe he's channeling his inner Ron Swanson. But if he is indeed participating in the free-5-lbs.-of-food challenge, the irony is served pipin' hot, as the man is complaining about Democrats' offering Americans "free this, free that"... while attempting to eat a plate of free food.

Splinter also proffers a 10-egg theory, in which perhaps the staff at Johnny V's had hoped to film someone attempting the 5-lb. challenge. But as other segments of the show indicate, the 10-egg plate could look like it was shuffled around between multiple customers during the show. Could no one finish it? Are the eggs some sort of a strange sight gag? What do the eggs mean? The recipe has yet to be unscrambled.