The 10 Best Food Twitter Accounts, While They Still Exist

If (when) the social media platform ultimately implodes, we'll miss these pages the most.

Lately, each day of logging onto Twitter feels like a gamble. Who will have blue checks? Who will be let back onto the platform? Will it even still exist? Instead of spending what could well be the last precious moments of the social media platform's existence doomscrolling or subtweeting, we should take a moment to remember the best parts of the site. And at its best, Twitter is always playing with its food.

These are the food pages we'll miss the most if Twitter goes away forever. Scroll through them while you can.


Coffee Dad has been on Twitter for more than a decade, a real pioneer in the world of food-centric feeds. And while it seems like this particular page has a strict focus (coffee), the real treat comes when Coffee Dad seemingly breaks character and reveals dark secrets from his past.


But just as quickly as he breaks, he returns to business as usual, just "making coffee."


The account known as @consumertc, or Consumer Time Capsule, doesn't just post pictures of nostalgia-inducing food and drink—it creates an entire vibe, a curated aesthetic we want to curl up inside of on our worst days. By posting old McDonald's Happy Meal promotions, weird seasonal Bud Light print ads, and the Cherry Coke can design we all miss the most, this time capsule provides something for everyone, from Boomer to Gen Z.



"Scran" is a delightfully satisfying Scottish slang word for cheap but tasty food, and the folks over at Footy Scran highlight the best and the worst offerings at soccer games around the world. One of our favorite recent flops? The cheeseburger at Portsmouth FC that features way too much bread.


Right now Footy Scran is keeping up with all the food of the World Cup, which is worth checking out.

@fuckedupfoods / @fuckeduppizzas

As much as we love looking at gorgeous gourmet dishes, there's just something even more compelling about these photos of the most disgusting and strange foods imaginable. Fucked Up Foods posts dishes of all kinds, following up each photo with a poll asking if you would or would not want to try the food in quesiton—and there are some surprising results. Fucked Up Pizzas takes a more focused approach, giving us such gems as a candy corn coated za.



What if your favorite roast beef sandwich chain also happened to believe that life is meaningless? Nihilist Arby's provides that answer with a darkly funny feed full of musings on the futility of existence and encouragements to "enjoy Arby's."


We've been able to recruit the person behind the account, Brendan Kelly, to join us for some Arby's taste tests, and earlier this year we were able to see at least a little optimism when he reviewed the Arby's Diablo Dare Sandwich. "Overall, it was way better than I expected," said Kelly. "Even as a shitty delivery it was a top tier QSR [quick service restaurant] sandwich."


When Noah Verrier's oil painting of a grilled cheese went viral earlier this year, we discovered the power of high-end carb art. Since then, the artist has used his Twitter to show off stunning compositions of our favorite comfort foods, everything from waffles to PB&J to a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish.



Even though Real Carrot Facts has been silent for a couple years now, the page deserves recognition all the same. If you're looking for actual carrot facts, this may not be the place for you, but if you're looking for unhinged, improperly spelled tweets about carrots that may be hints at a hidden narrative about loneliness, well, this is for you.



The joy of the Regional American Food page is seeing that what you might consider an every day favorite (like the Chicago hot dog) is actually a regional specialty, and discovering other region-specific and oftentimes bizarre dishes. The feed as a whole provides a picture of the United States through the hyper-specific foods people from each state are ride or die for, from the Indiana pork tenderloin sandwich to Alabama's tomato pie to Idaho and Utah's frog eye salad.


Read our interview with the creator of Regional American Food here.


Snack Memories is like a weird fever dream, showcasing a combination of our favorite childhood snacks like Jell-O Pudding Pops and Mr. Bones Candy to things we never could have imagined existed like McDonald's Beef Wennington and carbonated flavored water for cats and dogs. If we've learned anything about brands' affinity for nostalgia, this feed just might be an indication of snacks we can expect to return sooner than we may think.


Every food brand that was horny on main

Twitter is the horniest of all social media platforms, and with the platform's demise we might miss out on one of the greatest social developments of the last 15 years: brands going fully horny on main. It could all be traced back to a Netflix tweet asking "what's something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account?" The brands replied with full force: