Ever Wonder What Guy Fieri Likes To Eat At Home?

GQ quizzed Guy Fieri about what he eats when he's not in front of the camera.

It's hard not to assume that Guy Fieri eats the greatest food all day, every day. But imagine yourself on a diet of diner food and rich greasy stuff straight from the fryer, and at some point, it's likely you'll want a change of pace. As much as you'd hope, a person can't happily subsist on that alone, so GQ got curious and asked Guy Fieri in a recent interview what he likes to eat when he's not filming.

In a way, Fieri and I are alike (though I am trying to change this) in that we wake up, have a coffee, and then wait to eat until lunch. He's not much into eating in the morning. Then he likes a pretty light lunch, since his evening dining tends to be heavier and more restaurant-based.

"People always think that I must just eat deep-fried pizzas and cheeseburgers for lunch," Fieri says, "but I'm a big salad fan, big sushi fan, and Thai food fan." He also plans for his lunches to contrast dinner, sort of a counterbalance to what he's planning on eating later in the day.

But when he's home, Fieri prefers to cook, since his on-the-road job involves eating out so often. But of course, with a full family of two sons and his wife, everyone has their preferences.

Dinner is an ongoing debate in our family. We start in the morning with the family offering their suggestions on what we should have. My youngest son Ryder always likes to propose pizza. I believe he actually thinks pizza is a food group. My oldest son Hunter, me, and him are big fans of Asian food and that's anything Korean, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese. My wife is a little bit all-American. She's more roasted chicken, potatoes, asparagus.

Asked if he had a favorite national cuisine, Fieri says he loves Italy due to the people's passion with food, especially in Florence. Surprisingly, despite his love of Asian food, he's never been to Asia. That's actually kind of a surprise to me. Jeez, Guy, haul your ass over the sea! If you think the Asian food is good here, wait till you have it... in Asia.

There are some more interesting nuggets about your favorite frost-tipped TV show host, including his workout regimen, snacks, and insight into his popular pulled pork sliders, so hop on over to GQ if you want to read about the king of the Food Network today.