The 5 Best Food Costumes At Spirit Halloween This Year

These costumes will make you look tasty and stand out from the crowd.

Halloween is a chance to dress up as something you're not, and we are all very far from being edible (please spare me your cannibalism jokes). And no offense to the Peanut Butter & Jelly couples' costumes out there, but there have never been more ways to display your fast food fandom in the form of a costume, courtesy of Spirit Halloween and its many, many licensing deals. Here are the most unique food costumes you can splurge on in 2023.

Boba Tea

This is perhaps the most on-trend costume this year. Bubble tea (also known as boba tea) is everywhere these days, best known for its tapioca balls that sit at the bottom of the cup and complement an array of flavor combinations. Spirit Halloween does not miss a beat when it comes to creating costumes that reference the zeitgeist, so it has partnered with the real-life Kung Fu Tea cafe chain to produce wearable replicas of its menu.


You can take your pick from a Matcha Milk drink, a Strawberry Slush, or a Taro Milk tea. It all comes down to your favorite flavor, or maybe just whichever color best complements your shoes.

Dunkin’ Pet Costume

Pet owners leap at any chance to involve their furry friends in every celebration, so if you decide to dress up as a pink frosted doughnut with sprinkles, your dog can get in on the theme, too. But you don't just have the option of a doughnut or coffee dog costume—you can dress them up as the dutiful Dunkin' employee who serves up your morning Munchkins.


The best part about this particular pet costume (beyond the fact that it makes a four-legged creature look like a tiny two-legged human) is that it's licensed by Dunkin', which means your dog isn't wearing some generic, off-brand uniform. Your pet will be rocking an official Dunkin' logo on their little visor, complete with a little employee shirt that reads, "Take Life One Cup at a Time."

Flamin’ Hot Cheeto

Dressing up as a bag of chips has become fairly standard in recent years, given the popularity of Flamin' Hot Cheetos you might feel like you're just one of many on a shelf. That's why dressing up as a single hot Cheeto makes an even bigger statement than the bag does.


Look at how cool this person looks in their craggy Cheeto costume and Chester Cheetah shades. No one's going to forget you in this ensemble, and best of all, you won't leave any actual bright-red residue on anyone as you brush past them at the Halloween party.

Mountain Dew Code Red

Donning a drink-inspired costume is nothing new—college students have been doing it since beer pong was invented. But the problem is that when the actual brand isn't involved, you have to settle for cheesy imitation White Claw cans and beer costumes that only look 5% like PBR. There's something refreshing, then, about the straightforward licensing partnership between Spirit and Mountain Dew. You can go with the classic green bottle, or choose to stand out with a can of Code Red.


White Castle Slider OR Chicken Rings

White Castle can be both a godsend at 2 a.m. and a digestive hazard the next morning, but the sliders are always worth a little risk. Why wouldn't you want to parade around dressed as everyone's favorite late night meal?


Aside from the straight-up classic slider, Spirit Halloween also offers a costume for chicken ring fans. Though they're a less celebrated menu offering, the chicken rings at White Castle have always been a solid alternative for this author whenever onion rings sound just a bit too greasy. How fun would it be to show up at a Halloween party in one of these costumes, toting a Crave Case for your fellow guests?