Plant-Based Hard Boiled Eggs Might Be The New Big Thing

These vegan hard boiled eggs come with cooked whites, solid yolks, and everything.

We're all familiar with vegan egg substitutes like JUST Egg, which is a liquid-based egg replacement that you can cook up in a pan or pour into baking mixes. I've tried JUST Egg; it's pretty good, as long as you remember that the product is specifically designed to be scrambled, or fully incorporated into other things. They do have a mung bean scent to them, which isn't too off-putting if you know about it going in (though our sister publication Lifehacker had a slightly different opinion). Now, beyond liquid egg replacements, Food Business News reports that a company has developed a vegan hard boiled egg substitute, and even claims it's a good replica of the real thing.


Crafty Counter is the maker of these interesting vegan hard boiled eggs, called WunderEggs, which are made out of cashews, almonds, coconut milk, turmeric, and black salt. Not only do they aim to taste like real chicken eggs, they'll also be nutritionally similar, aside from the pesky cholesterol in the animal-based version. They'll also be dairy-, grain-, gluten-, soy-, and of course, egg-free.

Hema Reddy is the founder and CEO of Crafty Counter, which already makes a host of other vegan products. "My inspiration for WunderEggs came during the first two weeks of COVID when our country's food systems began to break down," Reddy says. "I was already aware of the impact of intensive factory farming on climate change, and the pandemic was just the last straw for me."


In order to achieve the flavor and texture of a real chicken egg, the company uses a proprietary process (which means it's a secret, at least for now) that underwent a rigorous taste-testing process before its launch.

"The climate and ethical implications of consuming animal products have many people seeking alternatives, but we don't want highly processed analogs," said Angela McElwee, former CEO of Gaia Herbs. "The experience of eating these is pure nostalgia."

The WunderEggs website is even recruiting influencers to taste test the eggs before they see a wider release. If you're interested, you can apply here.

Though I like snacking on hardboiled eggs, my favorite way to eat them is in egg salad. If these WunderEggs pass muster, I think some picnics might look a little different down the line. No word on whether or not you can dye them for Easter, though. Look for WunderEggs to hit some store shelves by the end of the year.