McDonald's Blueberry And Crème Pie Has Finally Been Resurrected

Fans who swear by this lesser-known McDonald's dessert are happy right now.

I can't recall whether I've had the blueberry and crème pie from McDonald's, but that's probably because it's been five years since it graced McDonald's menu as a limited-time-offering. Fortunately, like many limited-time fast food offerings these days, it's been revived from its slumber. CNN reports that this pie may have made it back to the menu at the McDonald's near you, but it's not available everywhere. It's currently being sold at 6,800 of McDonald's 14,000 US locations, so nearly half of McDonald's restaurants nationally are serving them right now.


Mashed says that there were fervent fans of the dessert back when it was first released in 2017, so there's probably a handful of people out there running around in circles right now. It's as straightforward as it sounds: The pie has both blueberry filling and a crème filling (the accent makes it fancy) inside McDonald's flaky pie crust.

Dessert at fast food restaurants always seems like an afterthought, so seeing at least a bit of minimal attention to that part of the menu is always welcome. When the holidays roll around, I'll always dip into the drive-thru at McDonald's for the holiday custard pie at least once. Who doesn't love a pudding-filled pastry?

McDonald's Japan is giving more consideration to desserts this winter season, too, adding two limited-time pies: a Canadian Maple Custard Pie and a Belgian Chocolat Pie.


Will this blueberry and crème pie become the McRib of the dessert menu at McDonald's? Did I really just type that sentence? Hard to say yet, since this pie has yet to gain a cult following. But what I really want is for McDonald's Cheddar Melt to be revived. Some of you weren't alive when it was initially released in 1988, but it was sort of a fast food take on a patty melt, with cheese sauce, grilled onions, and even a rye bun. I will ask for this until the end of my days.